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How does our partnership program work?
When you subscribe to our Topics collection or when you buy a Back-copy bundle you will receive automatically a second login facility for free. You can grant this to your partner or to somebody else.

How many Topics does a cycle include?
A cycle (a subscription or a Back-copy bundle) includes 12 Topics (01-12 / 13-24 / etc.). The first Topic of each cycle is always published on September 15 and the last Topic of a cycle is always published on August 15.

What is the lifetime of a Topic subscription or of a Back-copy bundle?
Once you subscribed to a cycle of Topics or bought a bundle of Back-copies in principal you (and your partner) have eternal access.

How do things go when my subscription comes to an end? 
One month before expiration we give you the option by e-mail or by our Newsletter to extend or to cancel your subscription. Upon extension the partnership program remains in tact. However you may elect to make somebody else happy with the extra login. In that case the facility stops for the person from the previous period and is transferred to the new person. If you don’t want to change persons, the facility will remain unchanged and is valid for the next period.    

Is it possible to buy individual Topics?
Not at present. At any moment however, you have the possibility to buy back issues.

Can I use PayPal when I buy a subscription or a back-bundle of your Topics Collection?
Unfortunately PayPal lacks support.The transfer is not guaranteed. We advise you to use your credit card.

As an organizer of a bridge festival I am interested to be part of The Grand Tour. How can my event become a member?
We encourage this. Just contact our GT co-ordinator Elisabeth van Ettinger. She will be happy to explain you how it works. The deal is simple. We will publish all your tourney details (pictures, dates, etcetera) for free. And we will ad a star to your tournament at our GT page. In reciprocity you receive our banner and or logo which you ad to your web site and insert in your leaflets/booklets.